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Meet Anna-Belle Durrant | Creative Director and Blogger #ProudProfile

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Anna-Belle Durrant (21 of 23)

Anna-Belle NOW

His name was Michael Marshal. It was 2007 and we were sitting in the back row of an Ethics lecture. Michael lent over and asked: ‘Are you on Facebook?’ to which I replied ‘No I’m on Myspace, Facebook is probably never going to be a thing.’
This moment has always stuck with me although I only appreciated it years later. Suffice to say I got a Facebook Profile in the end, and through a series of interesting events I came to own two of my own businesses, one an agency, the other a blog…neither of which have Myspace profiles.
After starting my work career as a travel journalist, I discovered Twitter, LinkedIn and Yammer, and as any good Millennial does I proclaimed myself a Social Media Guru. Cut to a few years later, after much time spent in the trenches at a Joburg based Social Media Agency, I felt it was time to spread my little blue wings and fly the coop.
I started Golden at the beginning of 2015 with one main purpose. To actually create unique content for brands and agencies. That meant no stock footage, no average ideas and a whole lot of hard work! For the most part, Golden focuses on lifestyle brands and the lifestyle elements of corporate brands.
As an agency Golden serves two main needs for our clients.
  1. Creative and unique online content. (Copywriting, Video, Photography etc.).
  2. Creative and relevant influencer campaigns that really reach the consumer while not tarnishing the reputation of the influencers involved.


Little Me (1 of 2)

Anna-Belle THEN

While developing my professional career I started She Said, a blog about fashion, travel and photography. She Said has grown from a hobby into it’s only fully fledged business that allows me to share some of my personal creativity with those around me.
Most days you will find me hunched over my computer or behind the lense, when I do pop up for air feel free to say hi!
Meet Anna-Belle Durrant | Creative Director and Blogger

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