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http://www.idontgiveafuckaboutyou.co.za/ classic

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7 responses to “http://www.idontgiveafuckaboutyou.co.za/ classic”

  1. Josh says:

    Print millions and dish out to everyone that lives in a shack and you’ll see how quick we’ll get rid of people misusing government funds!!!

  2. Dont Let me waste Your time says:

    well today this is more apt than ever. can i say it again? IDIOT.

  3. Anonymous says:

    SA politics…

  4. hopeful says:

    let’s hope he runs with this as his campaign poster

  5. Dont Let me waste Your time says:

    relevant AGAIN today. go Julius!

  6. Duncan macrae says:

    malema just portrays how fucking dumb they all are, that is why the country is fucked because they can’t do anything right

  7. Dont Let me waste Your time says:

    agreed. but im staying. SA still rocks.

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