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For 17 years I was a PC guy. My favourite programmes being Windows, Word, Outlook and Excel.  I’d never owned any Apple products before besides for an iPod which I loved and treasured. I moved from my trusted (or so I thought) Blackberry to an iPhone 4 when Social Media was really taking off in South Africa.  The timing coincided perfectly for me as my love for photography was matched to the iPhone’s superior camera.

On leaving my previous business, I rewarded myself with a second hand MacBook.  This made it that much easier to write blog posts as well as combine my creativity into my everyday use whilst only using one device.

Then came my time spent in coffee shops around the country, consulting.   This is also when I realised just how cumbersome my Macbook was.  It was far too heavy to lug around on my trusted scooter and often blocked my view of the person I was meeting with.  I knew it was time for a lighter, smaller and niftier device.

I have been challenged to use nothing but the new iPad Air 2 for seven days to do everything I need (except to make calls and send SMS’s) and to not use my MacBook or any other device (No phone in bed!) for social media, web, mail, taking and editing photos and managing my calendar.  (which my fiance is very pleased about).

What a great gift + Challenge

What a great gift + Challenge


The challenges that I foresee are being unable to use the iPad to navigate my way around the city as I often pull out my iPhone to use Google maps on my bike (while I safely stop on the side of the road!) and will also have to use Numbers instead of Excel which will be new and possibly challenging too.

Is the new iPad Air 2 “Everything In One?” – the next week will certainly tell me if the death of the laptop is looming!

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Apple iPad Air 2

Apple iPad Air 2


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  1. Elise says:

    An excellent read! I’m tempted to buy myself the iPad 2 now!

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