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Contemplating the youth of today, their blatant drug usage and what does it mean for me?!

Posted on May 16th, by spillly in Uncategorized. 2 comments

Now as I lie in bed @ 140am on a sunday with the remains of a single warm overpriced beer lingering in my throat I wonder what it is I want to achieve out in the clubs of Jo’burg. Its not to get drunk or high and its not the hope of sex. Its certainly not the music as deep house does not quench my thirst for scream metal. So what then? This is why I’m beginning to lean heavily towards quieter social dinner parties and upmarket bars over dingy money-making clubs. Maybe its because I’m not 20 anymore and maybe its cause I can’t entertain woman under 30 and apparently my dress sense was lost in the 90’s! Whatever!!! With ringing in my ears and missed calls from 21year olds I am making a decision that no more will I venture out, without purpose. Lost in parktown north…

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2 responses to “Contemplating the youth of today, their blatant drug usage and what does it mean for me?!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m assuming those were my missed calls? I cant believe your ice cream was spiked hahahahah

  2. Dont Let me waste Your time says:

    sure – announce it to the world.

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