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10 top South African personalities you should be following on Twitter. Really?

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This was a shock. Thanks for the recognition, I’ll take it and lap it up like the social media whores we all are! Here is the Full Article and here is the list: [1] @helenzille: https://twitter.com/helenzille [2] @michaeljordaan: https://twitter.com/MichaelJordaan [3] @lifeissavage: https://twitter.com/LifeisSavage [4] @spillly: https://twitter.com/spillly [5] @eusebius: https://twitter.com/Eusebius [6] @khayadlanga: https://twitter.com/khayadlanga [7] @caspar_lee: https://twitter.com/Caspar_Lee [8] […]

A Ginger – spotted at Native.

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I had  the opportunity to talk “Twitter & its discontents” last Friday at Native in Sandton. Thanks to the team & a special Shout-out to Ramiza who set up the Talk, it was fun and informative! Teach & be taught. Listen & learn. Less is more. Leverage. Thats more than 3 L’s . Love you long time, […]

Shot entirely on iPhones, this is H U N G R Y L O V E , by Nechama Brodie.

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I’m so proud to be a small contributor  to this amazing piece of music and video. I drove around Joburg on my Vespa with one hand taking some car shots.  “Danger” is my middle name. Shot on iPhones around the Joburg inner city and Braamfontein, its yet another reminder of our love of Jozi. Follow […]

Twitter gave me a black-eye.

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The Reason why I love Twitter #27 I get to meet the coolest people in Real Life (RL) and participate in radical art projects like the #TwitterattiPrjkt currently in process. Its being shot by Fiko fotography and is staring 20 local folks who may not be Celebutards in their own right, but are significant in the […]

Why Social Media is more powerful than a Toaster.

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  I like Toast. I like toast a Lot. I can’t function without a slice of toast first thing in the morning. Every morning I make toast. I have owned toasters before but I longed for a particular toaster. A classic toaster. For this reason, last year June I bought the “Rolls Royce” of toasters. […]

Spilllage presentation to SuperSport, 22 Aug 2012

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Thanks to Jamie Frank & Clinton van der Berg and the team at SuperSportTV for an awesome opportunity to share my marketing experiences and Twitter lifestyle with you and your people. Its was a Joy to collaborate with Roy Blumenthal on this gig too. Here are some of the images form the mornings talk. @Spillly

its. ok. (Writers Vs Bloggers Vs Content Vs Delivery)

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Being a ginger, you may be surprised that I even have friends, but I do. Some of these friends are well educated “journo” types and either make a living writing or editing the written word. As my confidence has increased with writing on my blog, the more criticism I have received for my poor grammar, spelling and […]

Highly interesting stats on Twitter, my Love.

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Whether you think you need Twitter in your business to market your goods & brand or not, here are some large numbers to ponder:   Over 500 million registered users (as of March 2012) 34% of marketers have gained leads through Twitter, and 20% have actually closed a deal on there 40% of members don’t […]