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Her Twitter bio describes her as a lover of “all that is tech” – and it’s easy to understand why – tech has been part of her life since before she was even born! Whilst pregnant with Prudence, her mother – a former computer trainer – met Bill Gates at a Trade Show in Sydney. […]

Meet Anna-Belle Durrant | Creative Director and Blogger #ProudProfile

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His name was Michael Marshal. It was 2007 and we were sitting in the back row of an Ethics lecture. Michael lent over and asked: ‘Are you on Facebook?’ to which I replied ‘No I’m on Myspace, Facebook is probably never going to be a thing.’ This moment has always stuck with me although I […]

Why Val Thorens should be on your bucket list if you’re an avid Instagrammer.

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Instagram is an exceedingly easy way to share, edit, and view photos. Posting directly from your mobile device, it is simple to figure out with literally no right way of using it. In March, I was fortunate to travel to Val Thorens in France with 18 other business owners as part of a ‘social media […]

Following my Curiosity. #ProudProfile

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My life’s motto is: ‘follow your curiosity’, from a very young age I have always believed in the freedom and fulfillment of questioning everything. Hi, My name is Tiisetso Skosana. I am a young woman with a passion for Africa, Décor and Storytelling- through Visual Arts and Writing. When I am not running my business, […]

Digital Business Entrepreneur, DigitLab CEO and Founder, Mike Saunders #Proudprofile

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When Mike isn’t working he can be found playing guitar badly, banging a drum loudly and singing songs he doesn’t know the words to. Occasionally found at sunrise or sunset on the side of a mountain or beach taking a photograph. A braai and wine enthusiast he spends most of his weekends spending time with […]

21 Signs You Should Invest In Business Coaching.

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How many of these 21 points resonate with you? You cant determine what’s really important on a daily basis and aren’t even focusing on the ones you feel are. You are unsure what to do next and even what sequence to follow. You aren’t seeing the blind spots and feel you need someone to clue […]

Thank you @CaseyNeistat.

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Dear @CaseyNeistat… For 3 months I religiously watched your YouTube channel, eager to see your daily Vlog and the beautifully curated time-lapse scenes of New York. I spent my days preaching to my clients that they have to watch your show and see how smart your marketing was. We spoke about you on Whatsapp and […]

Everything you are about to see here was shot on an iPhone

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Here is the official video that I shot in March 2015 in Val Thorens for iStore. Everything was shot on on iPhone 6 while we stayed at Club Med Sensations. You can view the video here or on the iStore blog below: http://www.myistore.co.za/everything-you-are-about-to-see-here-was-shot-on-an-iphone/  

The Law of Three: You should know this!

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  When you start the process of interviewing for new staff members, you should always refer back to the Law of 3: Interview at least three candidates for a job, comparing and contrasting their qualities and characteristics. Check their suitability against your stated requirements. You would be amazed at how often people forget to do […]

What is ‘Influence for Sale’ and Influencer Marketing?

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  I was fortunate enough to be invited by Cerebra to speak on a panel this week at 27Dinners.   Influencer marketing is a new hot topic in the online marketing space and having presented a few times, to brands and agencies, on the subject and having been the target of brands as an influencer, […]