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Let’s recap. #EverythingIn1 #iPadAir2

Posted on November 25th, by spillly in Business, Lifestyle, Motivation, photography. 2 comments

Last week I was challenged to use the new iPad Air 2 for everything I would normally use my iPhone and laptop for; from Microsoft Excel to Instagram with the exception of making calls.  The thought of relying solely on the iPad Air 2 was more challenging than it really was.  Editing my spreadsheets was […]

Choosing the Road Less Travelled | Elise Suckerman #ProudProfile

Posted on September 16th, by spillly in Business, Coaching, Lifestyle, Mentoring, Motivation, Social Media, Twitter. No Comments

I’ve never enjoyed taking orders from others. That’s why I couldn’t wait to leave my school years behind me. The mere thought of going straight to University made me feel as if I was simply signing up for a role in ‘Groundhog Day’, so I did the next best thing and left for London! A […]

The Accidental Entrepreneur | Gabriella Brondani #ProudProfile

Posted on July 15th, by spillly in Business, Coaching, Lifestyle, Motivation, Social Media, Twitter. 3 comments

  Gabriella Brondani, affectionately known as “Gabbi” to her friends, colleagues and clients, never set out for a career in PR, let alone starting up and running her own business in the PR space. She landed in PR purely by accident. Her idea was to finish high school and get into advertising or law. As […]

Enter the iPhoneography competition by submitting your best moments.

Posted on June 27th, by spillly in Business, Coaching, Lifestyle, Motor Bikes, photography, Social Media. No Comments

You can enter your moment here: Check out the video – i’m such a geek!     Gotta love iPhone.

Why I love Jo’burg so much and a little less every day.

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  I was born in Hillbrow in 1975. For the first year of my life my family unit lived in Berea on the eastern outskirts of modern-day Hillbrow. We moved shortly after to the now, much greener northern suburbs, where my mother has lived in the same house for 37 years. I am a true […]

5 signs that you are a douche

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After the wedding where you were the best man, you write a scathing blog post about how shit the speeches and catering was and how incredibly average the bride looked. After a quick sex session where you never let her climax, you roll over and claim that the shag was a solid 3 out of […]

Pick ‘n Pay Vs. the Hipster

Posted on October 14th, by spillly in Business, Coaching, Lifestyle, Mentoring, Motivation. 1 Comment

I was brought up supplying retailers and experienced a side of retail most consumers never see. I understand the huge margins that the corporate retailers add to their costs to cover their massive advertising, overheads, unionised wages and bottom line profits.   Consumers see the front of store: the isles, the cashiers and the TV […]


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I recently spent three days in Tel Aviv, Israel, with a good friend of mine. It was a short, spur-of-the-moment, holiday trip combined with 3 days in Istanbul. I was last in Tel Aviv in 1994 when I was 19 years old. Israel was the first country I ever visited outside my home country, South […]

Reincarnate yourself while you are alive.

Posted on May 14th, by spillly in Lifestyle, Motivation. 21 comments

On the 22nd May 2012 I walked out my office, which I had occupied as the ‘boss’ for 17 years, never to return. It was a moment that took about 5 long years of mental abuse; jaw clenching sleep and exhaustion, to reach.   My business was all I knew. It was an integral part […]

The Passion of the Spillly

Posted on February 4th, by spillly in Lifestyle, Motivation. 6 comments

I recently re-watched this video of Larry Smith explaining why he thinks the bulk of us will fail to have great, or even good, careers. The bulk of his argument is based on “us” making excuses for not finding our “passion” or even worse, finding our passions and being afraid to action them out. For 17 […]