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By the book, what’s that? | You&Me Design #ProudProfile

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Meg and Jen, co-owners of You&Me Design, spend an incredible amount of time together and don’t do anything by the book. And thus decided to write each other’s bios, because who knows you better than your business partner, right?

Meg, fondly known as Midgy by her closest friends, is a passionate “little” package. She has a deep love for all things off-the-wall and an exceptional talent for illustration. Her lively and foul-mouthed approach to life is refreshing, and will leave anyone with a smile on their face. If that doesn’t, her dance moves will.

Jen (“Goenie” to her peers) is an avid lover of all things design and social media. The phrase “ a dog with a bone” could not explain her more clearly – she’s constantly finding passion and inspiration in new avenues, never stopping or letting go until she’s read, explored and Googled the shit out of it. She’s forever keeping it real and interesting by getting excited about the small things. I’m also quite fond of the way she serenades me, from behind her spaceship of a computer, with her “voice of honey” (as she calls it).

You&Me was born from the pure love of design. We are a design company by description but a creative collaboration by heart.

Two total geeks and creative thinkers mixed together makes the perfect combination for custom illustration and great design. We bring more to the table than cool fonts, Helvetica headings, saturated images and cheesy payoff lines.

We specialise in Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design, Social Media and Photography. A jack of all trades really. Just don’t call us Jack.

In an ideal world our clients would pay us in bearded men, beer and stationery. Gotta love a good post it note.

Give us a call; we’ll polish your turds. Or create brand awesomeness.







jen@youandmedesign.co.za – 084 606 1211

meg@youandmedesign.co.za – 071 850 1177

Twitter:  @JennaKerr  @Giddy_Meg    @YouAndMe_Design

Instagram  @YouAndMe_Design

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/YouAndMeDesign

You&Me Design


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