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a gift from @johnsanei . Lakshmi rocks.

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Lakshmi (lakṣmī, Hindi pronunciation) is the
goddess of
prosperity (both material and
spiritual), light,
generosity and
courage; and the embodiment of
grace and
charm. Representations of Lakshmi
are also found in Jain monuments.
Mahalakshmi brings good luck to
her devotees. She is believed to protect her devotees from all kinds of
misery and money-related sorrows.

Lakshmi in Sanskrit is derived from its elemental form lakS, meaning “to
perceive or observe”.
This is synonymous with lakṣya, meaning “aim” or “objective”. The Hindu
Sacred Texts Vedas call Mahalakshmi as Lakshyayidhi Lakshmihi which means
she is the one who has the object and aim of uplifting mankind.



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