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5 signs that you are a douche

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Just say no.

Just say no.

  1. After the wedding where you were the best man, you write a scathing blog post about how shit the speeches and catering was and how incredibly average the bride looked.

  2. After a quick sex session where you never let her climax, you roll over and claim that the shag was a solid 3 out of 10.

  3. Taking her out on the first date on a Tuesday then running into her in a bar on the Friday night, you say “Do I know you?” when she walks up and says hi.

  4. When your teenager daughter introduces the new love of her life to you and her boyfriend reaches out to shake your hand, you don’t reciprocate and simply ask: “Can I see your father’s bank balance?”

  5. You video Skype your mate in bed with a girl that’s not your girlfriend, just after your girlfriend has left you on a beach holiday that her parents paid for.

These events all happened to, or were done by, people I knew.


What is the Douchiest thing that’s been done to you?

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