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27 Reasons Why everyone is Unfollowing You On Twitter

Posted on July 26th, by spillly in Uncategorized. 8 comments

“Why is everyone unfollowing me?”


chances are:

  1. You tweet too much
  2. You don’t tweet enough
  3. You always spam me
  4. You’re following Bots
  5. You keep asking people to follow you
  6. You openly discuss personal stuff but you take everything personally
  7. You act like an enemy
  8. You don’t have a bio and you still have an egg avatar
  9. You’re following too many people
  10. You only talk about yourself & product
  11. #You #use #hashtags #for #every #fucking #word #always
  12. There are no replies on your timeline
  13. U spk sms
  14. You’re a bully
  15. You’re too negative
  16. You’re too positive
  17. You’re obsessed with how many followers everyone else has
  18. You don’t have a real life
  19. You generate too much noise
  20. You have a protected account
  21. You only follow celebrities & retweet them
  22. You retweet your compliments
  23. You’re too argumentative
  24. You find everything offensive
  25. You blame the wrong people
  26. You ask for retweets
  27. You “just dont get twitter”
Get it now?

Before every tweet you do, ask yourself if you are doing some or all of these and I promise you will maintain followers. ALWAYS.


Got more than 27? Let me know here.

8 responses to “27 Reasons Why everyone is Unfollowing You On Twitter”

  1. Graeme says:

    In other words, don’t tweet? Too many contradictions and not one point with any actual validity. People are people, you get on with some people and vice versa. You can’t predict or intimate their reasons for following or unfollowing.
    And to guarantee it?! How many followers do you lose daily?

  2. Caustic Bob says:

    People are unfollowing you Spillly cause your brand is one of “joke thieving, opinion stealing and basically just being a contemptable, loathesome fucktard on Twitter, who managed to get a few thousand followers out of joke theft and was so arrogant about that that he decided to turn it into an online company”. You’re a joke and no small Tweetup is complete without mocking you for 10 minutes for being the biggest loser on SA Twitter. Do yourself and all of us a favour and close your account.

    • spillly says:

      Causticity, the property of a substance that causes corrosion.

      I’m not sure why you are so caustic, but the level of bitterness and astringent behaviour you are showing here leads me to believe that your life certainly lacks some kind of meaning.

      Furthermore, I pity you for taking belligerent pot shots behind an online pseudonym for your security. Go find some meaning, my friend, and maybe a larger tweetup.


      • spillly says:

        Dear Graeme,

        Firstly, my apologies. I did delete your comment along with 36 other spam comments. I did this as a bulk deletion. I went to deleted items & there it was. Not making excuses, but I have had this template for 2 weeks and still figuring it out. I added a spam filter on Friday. I also thought you were this “Caustic Bob” dude after your tweets and thought “twat!”

        This post is meant to be more entertaining rather than absolute fact. Its just my opinion and is very often the reason people un-follow people.

        I do lose followers often but gain more than lose. I never claimed to be an expert on social media or marketing, in fact i always preach that no-one is a guru on the subject. Twitter and SM is a hobby for me and the bonus is meeting amazing people and getting the opportunities to do some cool shit!

        Thanks for taking the time to actually comment as most people couldnt give a damn.


  3. Jo Vaara says:

    Wow. A lot of hating going on here. Those are valid points, and to Spillly’s defense, there is NO way to please everyone on Twitter. Once you have nobody hating on you anymore, it’s time to step back, because then something is fishy.

    I actually enjoyed your entry, but this little teeny tiny box I have to type in kind of sucks 😛 (Just joking my bru)

    Your friendly neighborhood stuntmen, @ESEL_Stunts

  4. Sacksinthecity says:

    love your tweets, keep on tweeting SPILLY

  5. Hey Spillly,

    Great post and very much on-point.

    There certainly is no pleasing everyone on Twitter, but should people take your points into account, they will definitely please more folks, than less.

    I think a lot also depends on one’s brand and what one hopes to achieve with it. Aspects of my radio brand mean tweeting things that do generate noise, while I’m on-air, but that is aimed at my radio target audience. Same goes for when I’m at digital conferences and live tweet, it’s another aspect to my brand, the digital part. Some may not like it, but then again it’s not aimed at them.

    I guess what I’m saying is there are no rules about how to tweet, as we each have our own target audiences (or the most of us do, at least). Having said that, in general and for the most part, your list is great, doesn’t beat around the bush, and is very much on-point.

    I enjoy your tweets and I think that you’ll find (and the blokes above who’s comments were rather uncalled for) you are very much loved by Twitter and are a Twitter rockstar! Keep it up, brother.

    Jonathan Duguid – @theDramaKing

    • spillly says:

      Thanks Dude!
      ya, the comments above are just uncalled for and Trollish.
      Twitter is awesome BECAUSE its different for everyone & everyone has a different experience.
      I just like the humour of it all and the memes.

      thanks for the comment man.

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