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10 top South African personalities you should be following on Twitter. Really?

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This was a shock.

Thanks for the recognition, I’ll take it and lap it up like the social media whores we all are!

Here is the Full Article

Do it.

Do it.

and here is the list:

[1] @helenzille: https://twitter.com/helenzille
[2] @michaeljordaan: https://twitter.com/MichaelJordaan
[3] @lifeissavage: https://twitter.com/LifeisSavage
[4] @spillly: https://twitter.com/spillly
[5] @eusebius: https://twitter.com/Eusebius
[6] @khayadlanga: https://twitter.com/khayadlanga
[7] @caspar_lee: https://twitter.com/Caspar_Lee
[8] @concierge_ryan: https://twitter.com/Concierge_Ryan
[9] @ivovegter: https://twitter.com/ivovegter
[10] @NonhleThema: https://twitter.com/NonhleThema


Thanks to Memeburn for this!




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