Spillly with 3 Ls

Ask Spillly, with 3 Ls

Brent Spilkin, affectionately called “Spillly with 3 Ls” has spent the last 20 years discovering what makes him happy besides architecture, driving ambulances, pickling mango achaar, distribution and redeveloping the inner city.

He now gets his kicks from growing talented individuals in their businesses around the world by putting them through his Growing Pains Business Consultancy. With an innate ability to develop relationships with strangers and his passion to communicate his opinions, Spillly developed a persona that has allowed him to flourish in the public arena and also gave him the opportunity to host an online radio show, lecture at reputable tertiary schools and work with international brands in the media space.

He is a loud-mouthed, tech-adopting, Vespa-riding business coach who won’t settle for mediocrity. He has an endless supply of hope when it comes to the resurrection of a beautiful, successful South Africa in which he wants to live and thrive. Growing Pains Business Consultants have helped over 150 businesses and their owners develop, manage crisis, strategize and flourish over the past 2 years alone and have clients throughout South Africa, Israel and The United States.